I am Nelson Gomez.

I'm a versatile product designer living in New York City. With my background in project management and systems analysis, I flesh out solutions to the point that'll make an impact.



Dibs Booking Platform

interaction design | web app | design system | b2b

With Dibs, I designed a booking platform that helps fitness studio owners manage their operations, understand their bussiness' sales, and keep their customers coming back.

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Dibs Marketplace

interaction design | app development | visual identity

With Dibs, I designed an app that helps women interested in wellness and fitness afford the lifestyle they want through microincentives. 6 weeks after launch, it got 1.5k users.

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Meditate Awake

app development | interaction design | freelance

Meditate Awake is an application that helps beginner meditators increase their meditation time from 5min to 20min through progress tracking and community engagement.

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Inspire-me Redesign

interaction design | user research | seo | a/b testing | web

An acquisition strategy for the Knot, my internship project had me design a visual discovery experience for newly engaged brides looking to get inspired fo their wedding.

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